Hey Laura, for the readers who don’t know you, do you mind giving a quick overview of your professional background?

Sure. I started working at Mobusi as a Publisher manager searching for organic traffic with focus on Brazil and India. I later joined Billymob to assist with the development of a new project at their Mexico offices.

At first, I worked as an affiliate, gathering new networks for the company. A few months later, I took on the position of Account Manager and handled the accounts of some of the largest direct advertisers in LATAM.

You’ve recently joined Vykonia. What got you excited about this new position?

Vykonia is the only network I know of that works with Artificial Intelligence, which got me curious. The project itself is very interesting. I had been looking to start an ambitious project like this one for a while. Besides, Vykonia is in Prague! No one can resist such a beautiful living environment…

Are there people in your professional circle that are or have been mentors to you? What traits or skills did they have in common?

Yes, you always have a couple of people that you see as your mentor.

While I’ve had many mentors in various positions, all of them were very detail-focused and critical. This has completed me very well as I naturally tend to look at things from a broader perspective first.

In every office I worked in, the people who trained me influenced me in a really positive way, and I’m very grateful for their mentorship.

What are the most common mistakes you see other people do when managing relationships with their clients? What’s been working for you?

I’ve seen a lot of people trying to force thing onto their clients in a rather aggressive way. That never ends up well… Personally, I’m very chill and try to make the client feel comfortable before anything else. This way, we manage to reach higher goals by talking about things clearly and listening to both sides.

What is an obsession you explore on week nights and weekends people may not know about?

Since I normally live in countries that are not my own, I spend most of my free time exploring the local culture I’m in. I’ll go out of my way to discover areas tourists and expats do not go to.

 Any quote you live by or think of often?

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

How can people get a hold of you?

By skype laura_zcs, or email l.zambelli@vykonia.com

Thank you Laura, and welcome on board! We’re happy to have you join the team.

Me too, thanks.